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Coaching d’équipeOur team coaching projects are focused on taking a team to the next level of communication effectiveness and performance by working on inspiring creativity, collaboration and leadership. We focus on cultivating an environment which is conducive to connecting ideas and achieving synergy by working together.

“Collaboration is vital to sustain what we call profound or really deep change, because without it organisations are just overwhelmed by the forces of the status quo”. Peter Senge

Some of the scenarios that typically call for team coaching include:

  • The need to get beyond conflict that has developed within a team.
  • Reinvigorating a team.
  • Working on the leadership and input of team members.
  • Working out a clear vision that is shared by all team members.
  • Identifying the motivations and drivers of team members.
  • Working on the team’s creativity and synergy for results.
  • Developing emotional intelligence and effective feedback techniques.

Please contact us to see how we can provide coaching for your team’s objectives.