What are the coach and coach’s role ?

/What are the coach and coach’s role ?

What are the coach and coach’s role ?

The coach :

  • Provides objective assessment and observations that foster the individual’s or team’s self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • Listens closely to fully understand the individual’s or team’s circumstances.
  • Acts as a sounding board in exploring possibilities and implementing thoughtful planning and decision making.
  • Points out opportunities and encourages the individual or team to unlock their potential, as long as it is aligned to their personal strengths and goals .
  • Facilitates shifts in thinking that enable new insight and perspectives.
  • Challenges blind spots to illuminate new possibilities and support the creation of alternative scenarios.
  • Maintains professional boundaries in the coaching, including confidentiality, and adheres to the coaching profession’s Code of ethics.

The individual :

  • Creates the coaching agenda based on personally meaningful coaching goals.
  • Uses assessment and observations to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • Assumes full responsibility for personal decisions and actions.
  • Draws from the coaching process to promote possibility thinking and fresh perspectives.
  • Takes courageous action in alignment with personal goals and aspirations.
  • Takes the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by the coach and engages in effective forward actions.
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