Intercultural communication


Through our coaching and training programmes, we assist organisations to develop a deeper awareness of the impact that cultural diversity has on collaboration and performance and to learn to leverage this diversity and optimise challenges that are linked to working in cross-cultural settings.

At the heart of our work is the conviction that business in an interconnected world can only thrive by developing effective intercultural communication at the core of its drive for performance.
Building cultural understanding is an important resource that businesses need to develop to ensure that teams function more effectively and that potential conflict can be resolved. Knowing in particular how to adapt one’s communication style and content in a multicultural context is a key resource. In our programmes we focus on the following objectives:

  • 1. Cultivating an understanding of different cultural contexts, viewpoints, stereotypes and generalisations.
  • 2. Exploring the dynamics of intercultural interactions and communication styles.
  • 3. Exploring the dimensions of intercultural interactions that impede collaboration across different cultures and that can add to conflict.
  • 4. Learning the ability to change perspective, to reflect on otherness and to adapt to different international contexts.
  • 5. Developing communication strategies and orientations to communicate more effectively across cultures (such as giving feedback and dealing with difficult personalities).
  • 6. Planning strategies for success in intercultural interactions.