Conflict Management


Managing conflicts that have a cross-cultural element  is a process of working to optimize the positive aspects of conflict whilst limiting the negative aspects. In working with you to manage conflict our objectives are twofold:

  • 1. To enhance learning of how conflict is created, the dynamics of conflict and techniques to resolve conflict
  • 2. To ensure group outcomes, including effectiveness in an organizational context.



Organisational conflict can include conflict between peers as well as conflict with hierarchy.
As an approach, mediation is suitable for disputes between co-workers, particularly when it includes interpersonal conflict and multicultural disputes.

In the mediation process, each party is listened to separately before they are brought to a joint session. Coaching and role plays can also be used before the joint session in order to develop mutual awareness of needs and perspectives.

The purpose of this preparatory work is that the parties learn how to communicate directly with the other party in the joint session.

When organizational conflict involves managers and subordinates, alternative mediation models can also be employed to improve communication.

Conflict management between two parties from different cultures needs to be based on an awareness and recognition of cultural differences as misunderstandings are more likely to arise when there is a lack of awareness of culturally determined differences in communication practices and thought processing.