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Respecting who you are
We provide a range of coaching and training programmes supplied by certified coaches and trainers, to help people become all they are capable of.
Our mission is to help people find clarity, lead with purpose and achieve their objectives. We respect the diversity and difference of personality and culture of each individual.  A variety of assessments may support the coaching process, depending upon the needs and circumstances of the individual and business. Assessments provide information that can enhance self-awareness, as well as awareness of others and their circumstances. They also provide a benchmark for creating coaching goals and actionable strategies and offer a method of evaluating progress. The coaches we work with are all certified practitioners of various assessment tools.

Focus on developing strategies
In all our coaching programmes, be it one-to-one coaching or team coaching, we are committed to help you build strategies to reach your goals and desired outcomes. Goals and desired outcomes can range from developing self confidence, getting more balance in your life, or becoming more assertive to far more specific ones such as wanting to change the post you’re in or wanting to take a decision whether to take a post in a new company or set up your own business. In terms of team coaching, working on formulating clear objectives is key to effective training or coaching.

Innovative coaching tools
We draw on innovative coaching tools and a variety of models and principles, drawn from the behavioural and human sciences, management literature and humanities. All the coaches we work with are certified and have learnt coaching techniques in accredited coaching schools. In addition they are trained in various methods and tools. These tools may be incorporated into the coaching sessions to develop self-awareness and awareness of others, encourage shifts in perspective and promote new insights and ways of looking at challenges.

If one of the coaching goals of an individual or team is is to develop resources to manage conflict or stress and build emotional intelligence, we draw on mindfulness techniques in our coaching practice. As mindfulness is strongly correlated with well-being, developing a mindfulness practice and learning how to step back in conflictual situations and deal with strong emotions is an important key for fulfilment and inner balance.