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Change management

Coaching interculturel

Through our coaching and training programmes, we assist international organisations and people to manage cultural change through developing cultural intelligence, collaborative cultures and the capacity to optimise diversity.

We believe that the success of any business in an international context today depends on having a culture that keeps developing and moving.  This means fostering a work environment which is open to collaboration and diversity, and where people can reach their full potential, regardless of such factors as race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, or disability. We also believe that developing cultural intelligence and different ways of collaborating facilitates multicultural conflict resolution and negotiation across cultures.

Our workshops and diversity training focus on the following objectives :

  • Encouraging individuals with different personalities, points of view, skills and approaches to collaborate in an environment of mutual support.
  • Establishing a culture of trust as a basis for collaboration.
  • Put in place strategies to advance diversity management.
  • Develop global leadership teams and committees to oversee collaboration and diversity initiatives.
  • Work to engage all members of the business with the collaboration and diversity agenda.
  • Ensure that workplace processes are collaborative and designed to promote a high-performance culture that values individual contribution, teamwork, innovation and productivity.

Diversity programmes

Diversity and inclusion initiatives need to be responsive to the varied needs of the diverse communities in which we live and work and can include promoting :

  • Women’s Initiatives.
  • Diversity awareness initiatives.
  • Mentoring and professional development.
  • Affinity Groups and Employee Networks.
  • Diversity Retreats.
  • Engaging with Clients on Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives.
  • Work-Life Balance Initiatives.