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Who are we

In 2015 I launched HPB Coaching to provide a variety of coaching and training programmes supported by certified coaches.

Passionate about working with people to develop their highest potential and lead with purpose, the coaching programmes we deliver are innovative and creative and adapted to the particular needs of each individual.

After completing a Ph.D on how to optimise communication and a sense of belonging across cultures, I trained as a Professional coach. Specialised in communication, conflict management and managing diversity, I have coached women, men and teams to become all they are capable of.

Qualifications :

  • MA in Human Sciences (Psychology) Cambridge University (thesis on the development of confidence : internal or external locus of control)
  • PhD Human Sciences (research on identity, communication across cultures and building common values), Université Paris II
  • Certified Professional coach, International Mozaik.
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator Instrument) Practitioner OPP.
  • NLP, Institut repères.
  • Member of International Coach Federation.
  • Languages: English (mother tongue), Welsh, French and Spanish.

In all our work, coaching individuals and training groups we are committed to practising and promoting:

  1. The respect of individuality, we work with not against difference.
  2. Strategy-building to reach goals and objectives. We are proactive and geared towards achieving the objectives set out by the individual or team.
  3. A creative and innovative approach to coaching. We choose and draw on techniques and tools that we believe will help the person or team reach their objectives.
  4. Mindfulness. We draw on the discipline and techniques of mindfulness when necessary to help individuals and teams find balance, fulfilment and resources to manage conflict.
  5. Confidentiality. Absolute respect of confidentiality and adherence to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics and deontology.

Our Skills

One-to-one coaching
Team coaching
Coaching across cultures
Leadership training
Communication training

Our Network

We combine expertise and experience with coaches and partners from a variety of disciplines to develop coaching programmes that ensure that our clients get the latest developments and a multifaceted approach to the challenges facing their fields.

All coaches we work with are fully fluent in English and have completed rigorous training in coaching individuals and groups and are practitioners in a variety of coaching techniques. This enables them to work in an experiential and creative way.

<h2>Heledd Wyn</h2>

Heledd Wyn

My passion has always been people, and understanding what makes them reach their potential, connect, develop a sense of belonging and lead with purpose. Having graduated in Human Sciences from Cambridge University and after completing my PhD in Paris, I trained at International Mozaik (levels I and II and mémoire), Paris to become a professional coach. The focus of my coaching is working with people to learn optimal communication and navigate change in the most aligned and effective way possible.

<h2>Sylvie-Anne Leroux</h2>

Sylvie-Anne Leroux

Sylvie-Anne is an Executive and Corporate Coach with over 25 years’ experience in senior HR and development roles within global companies such as Bombardier, PwC and Qatar Airways. Her most recent role was Head of National Talent Development at Qatar Airways were she has used her extensive experience as an internal coach, exposing her to career development of 160 nationalities as well as the Qatarisation process within.

<h2>Gabriela Buettner</h2>

Gabriela Buettner

Gabriela helps individuals and teams tap into their talents and develop solutions in work related issues (change of jobs, reorganisation, conflict situation etc). Clients from multinational companies, international organizations and embassies benefit from the five languages she speaks, as well as her long experience living abroad. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and was trained at International Mozaik coaching school in Paris, She is a certified MBTI and DISC practitioner.